Hat corner by Xander Angeles

Stylist, creative director, style editor and entrepreneur. One would never question why Rex Atienza is multi hyphenated. His talents and skills definitely speak in volumes and his professionalism is nothing short of legendary.

As a stylist, Rex's philosophy is to make the wardrobe speak about the person wearing it. Shapes, silhouettes, colors and cut are just as important as how the clothes make the person wearing it feel. This is why he is one of the most sought after and respected stylist in the country.

His works have been seen on television, movies, top fashion glossies, commercials and print ads.

From luxurious opulence to bright funky colors and prints - fashion is about expression and making a statement. There should be no limits to fashion and for Rex, the horizon is just as expansive.

As an editor and creative director, Rex is known for his sharp eye to detail and his wisdom on market trends. Armed with luxurious creativity, his spreads are beautifully eclectic - rough, polished, elegant, tamed, bright and muted - seemingly contrasting but very complimenting. His impressive magic on making extremes work together is what puts him on the top shelf at ABSCBN Publishing

The Creative Director of Metro, the style editor for the country's top society magazine, 4 top grossing movies and about 13 television shows and top celebrities as clients, it looks like nothing can slow Rex Atienza down.