The A-Institute Sub-brands

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One center, five specialized labs. The A-I designs first-class specialty care with top medical experts and top-tier technology and techniques

The A-Institute team is composed of internationally trained, recognized and board-certified medical experts who are pioneers in their field. These doctors and surgeons bring with them years of skills and experience necessary for need-specific and detail-oriented care.

Each lab can operate effectively as an independent, health-giving entity, or work synergistically with other labs. Through an amalgam of science and evidence-based medicine, the The A-I total wellness center was created to treat a specific health problem, or as part of a patient’s overall treatment plan.

With the trend on medical and wellness tourism booming in recent years, The A-I is a trailblazer in terms of advancements and amenities. “All the different services like the use of robotics or laser-guided technology, help reduce recovery or down time, including swelling and pain. Patients can recover faster as an outpatient and go back home on the same day. With people flying in and out for a couple of days, this facility serves that purpose too. In this day and age where travel is so easy and everyone is fluidly moving around, it helps them get everything done in the shortest possible time,” shares Dr. Z Teo.

Aesthetic Surgery

Enhance your Natural Beauty                                                       

Yield the most natural and beautiful result with exclusive, top medical technologies and surgical techniques that markedly improves comfort and satisfaction. An extensive team of surgeons and doctors, and the best medical systems make it globally competent and widely recognized.

The Snoring Lab

Sleeping Beauty Secrets

Sleep medicine has long been an integral part of traditional hospital and ambulatory care. The Snoring lab looks into the role of sleep and its effects on health. Featuring imagery and messaging of sleep and lifestyle-related causes helps to resolve problems positively. The lab highlights long-term prevention of chronic diseases as well as health implications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure due to sleep.

The Hair Lab 

Restore Your Confidence

Led by experts who are pioneers in hair rehabilitation and adept in the latest advancements in the field, the Hair Lab examines the best way to preserve and restore hair. The lab features what is currently the pinnacle in hair restoration called Artas. This Robotic Hair Transplantation System which is a first in the country, combines Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with the precision of a controlled robot to deliver maximum results during surgery.


Beyond your expectations

With any sport comes the inevitable risk of injuries and bodily changes that may persist throughout one’s career. OrthoSports is a multi-specialty clinic designed to house a multitude of technologies geared toward prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. Patients at this lab can be treated for a variety of ailments including alleviation of chronic pain conditions, joint pain management, and regeneration. Patients are subjected to a variety of modalities for addressing their individualized concerns.

The Slimming Lab

Define Your Curves

The Slimming Lab offers a wide armamentarium of the latest weight-loss and body contouring technologies from around the world. It combines lifestyle therapies along with machine-assisted treatments that yield synergistic results. A non-invasive approach to sculpting and defining the body makes it a viable alternative for people who want to reach their ideal body shape.

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