Newest brand ambassador for Uniqlo

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I’m so excited to share the great news! I, together with fellow celebrity stylist, Liz Uy, are the new brand ambassadors for Uniqlo!

My philosophy has always been about stylish comfort. It is absolutely necessary that my clients are comfortable with what they are wearing – this translates to how they carry themselves and projects confidence. There’s nothing more tragic than someone who is uncomfortable with what they are wearing!

The pieces of Uniqlo, especially the jogger pants, are very versatile that it can be used for work, play, travel and lounging. For our styling class yesterday, at the Uniqlo store at Rockwell, we unveiled our styled pieces for the jogger pants. As I’ve said, jogger pants are your best friend!

Another thing I love about Uniqlo is that the pieces can be layered together without making it look or feel too bulky or too heavy – especially for Manila conditions. Uniqlo has awesome pieces that can easily transform into something that you can wear int he office but be comfortable to wear while traversing the Manila traffic!

Uniqlo understands its market and what they require – comfort and style. This makes Uniqlo a truly global brand! I am nothing but honored and proud to be part of the Uniqlo family!

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