POWER CLEAN – Ariel Power Gel

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With the launch of Ariel Power Gel, the laundry game in the Philippines is changed altogether. Its breakthrough technology in stain removal sets the Pilipinas Laundry Revolution. Its perfect for machine use and Sharp can testify to that s they strongly recommend Ariel Power Gel to be used with their washing machines. Ariel Power Gel is well thought out that it even ensures that you use just the right amount, every time. This is the biggest secret that we are revealing to the country!

I can’t emphasize enough just how vital the role of having an innovative laundry detergent is in this industry. No matter how amazing the cut of a dress is or how crisp the color of a shirt is, the panache of style is muddled if it is stained or dirty. Ariel power gel uses nano molecules to clean deep and completely.

Keeping up with the fashion need not come with a hefty price tag. Ariel is very affordable at Php175 for a 900ml bottle!

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